Protecting your investment should be top of mind for new pool and spa owners. At Sonco, we want you to have the best lifetime ownership experience along the way. When you sign up for Weekly Pool and Spa Maintenance, you’re ensuring the best possible care for your backyard addition. A highly trained Sonco Maintenance Specialist will visit weekly to take care of all your needs, letting you focus on fun and relaxation that comes with owning your own pool or spa.

As a maintenance customer, you’ll enjoy all these turnkey services:

  • Accurate Water Testing
  • Add Chemicals and Balance
  • Water Chemistry
  • Clean Saltwater Cell (If Applicable)
  • Brush Pool Walls
  • Vacuum Pool Floor
  • Remove Debris from Skimmer¬†and Pump Baskets.
  • Backwash Sand Filter/Clean Cartridge Filters As Needed
  • Check Equipment to Confirm Proper Function
  • Spa Dump and Fill As Needed
  • Spa Filter Cleaning

To Inquire About Weekly Pool and Spa Maintenance, Contact the Service Department or Fill Out Our “Contact Us” Form to Have a Representative Contact You

*Disclaimer: Weekly Pool and Spa Maintenance is Regional and Not Available in All Locations