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Sonco Pools and Spas has been in the swimming pool business for over 30 years, designing and installing vinyl, fiberglass and concrete swimming pools. Over that time we have developed a culture of excellence that shows in every project. Please check out our educational resources and share with your friends.

Fiberglass Swimming Pool – Completed Project in Rockford IL

This backyard dream project was completed in the greater Chicago, IL region by Sonco Pools and Spas. The project has many unique features that can be seen in the video. A Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pool with two waterfalls and fire features is the centerpiece of this beautiful backyard. The pool is accompanied by a luxurious, custom fire pit, pavilion, bar, decking, ruin windows and so much more… In this video we show you the excellent craftsmanship our team brings to every project, big or small. We pay attention to all the details for you, from planning and designing to installation and maintenance. We are proud of the work we do and it shows in projects like this.

The Milano Fiberglass Swimming Pool Informational Video

The Milano Fiberglass Swimming Pool, manufactured by Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools, is a great pool with a smaller footprint for those looking to take advantage of a flat bottom pool with lots of options. This unique pool has a 23′ X 11′ dimension. Because of its smaller design, The Milano uses less energy and is easier to maintain. The Milano offers lots of places to hang out and lounge and one end has a cove for seating. The cove can also be the perfect place to install some hydrotherapy jets to give your pool a hot tub effect.

Grande Fiberglass Swimming Pool Informational Video

The Grande is creative take on a rectangular shaped pool. This unique design takes a boring pool and makes it fun by adding full steps on one end of the pool for lounging and hanging out. The sides incorporate plenty of lounging benches for sunbathing with exit steps at the other end of the pool. The Grande comes in three different, yet versatile sizes – 23′, 29′ and 35′. To add a dramatic effect to your pool we also offer this pool in 7 spectacular color options. This pool design works well with automatic pool covers and is a great option for a salt water system.

Coral Sea Fiberglass Swimming Pool Informational Video

In this video, Mike Peterson discusses all the great features available on the Coral Sea Fiberglass swimming pool by Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools. The Coral Sea model is one of the most popular models we offer here at Sonco Pools and Spas. It has a beautiful design with curved lines. This pool is available in 30, 35 and 40 feet lengths. People tend to choose a pool with this shape when they are trying to blend the pool into a natural environment. Popular features include a full stair case at one end, exit steps at the deep end, lounging benches and coves. These excellent features provide you and your guests plenty of places to hang out in the pool.

Fiberglass Swimming Pool Color Options

In this video Mike Peterson discusses the various color options available with Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools. Barrier Reef builds beautiful and durable fiberglass pools with many colors to choose from. These colors include: Ocean Shimmer, California Shimmer, Aqua Marine Shimmer, Midnight Shimmer, Sandstone Shimmer and Arctic Shimmer.

Learn more about Sonco Pools and Spas in Rockford, IL.

In this video, CEO – Mike Peterson, discusses what Sonco Pools and Spas does as a Company. Sonco is in no way affiliated with any other pool company and is currently located at 8100 E. Riverside Blvd. Loves Park, IL – USA. The Company proudly builds backyard dreams for its clients in the greater Rockford, Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison regions. At the center of these backyard dreams are great pools. With decades of inground swimming pool installation experience Sonco offers both Barrier Reef Fiberglass and Vinyl Liner swimming pools. The Company also carries Hot Springs Spas and has a hardscape division called Sonco Paverscapes.

Sonco Pools and Spas Vinyl Liner Composite Panel Inground Swimming Pool

In this video Mike discusses the technology behind vinyl liner pools. Traditional vinyl liner inground swimming pools were made with galvanized steel panels. In 2015 these panels are now built with highly engineered fiber reinforced composites. By using these materials owners can benefit from the ease of use gained by integrating salt technology. Salt pools are easy to maintain and will last a lifetime if kept properly.

Galvenized Steel Vinyl Liner Pool Information

In this video Mike Peterson discusses the evolution of vinyl liner pools. Traditionally, vinyl liner pools were built with 14 gauge galvanized steel panels that made up the structure of a vinyl liner pool. These panels are less expensive to use but will not last as long as a modern composite fiber based panel. The primary reason for this is corrosion. A steel panel pool is not recommended for use with salt water systems as this will decrease the lifespan and operational life of the pool. A more durable option is the composite fiber option.

Outdoor Appliances for Your Backyard Livingspace

In this video Mike Peterson, owner of Sonco Pools and Spas discusses outdoor appliances that can be added to your outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens have become so popular and are a convenient addition that will last for years, even in inclement weather. This project uses the FireMagic product line with the Echelon Series Grill. The project also includes a Bar caddy, triple stainless steel drawers that will not rust and a refrigerator for cold beverages. All appliances are easy to use and clean. As you will see in the video the appliances fit beautifully with the overall design of the project.

Fiberglass Pool Pros and Cons

In this video we debunk the myth that fiberglass pools pop out of the ground and that they aren’t suited for colder climates. Thousands of fiberglass pools have been installed in northern climates for decades with great success. In fact, one of the largest markets for fiberglass pools is in Canada. Usually, it’s a pool installer that knows nothing about fiberglass pools propagating these false statements.

Granite Boulder Retaining Wall

In this video Mike goes behind the scenes to show an example of the granite boulder retaining wall we built that spans the whole backside of this project. The granite wall was built because of severe grade changes on the property. We used boulders here but we can use man made products from Unilock or Rosetta Stone as well to meet your needs.

Fire Features

Mike Peterson of Sonco Pools and Spas discusses fireplace and fire pit features that are becoming popular with inground swimming pool installations. This video features an awesome fire pit with Ruin windows. We used natural stone quarried from Wisconsin to match the home.

Stone Coping

In this video Mike, demonstrates the all natural Travertine Stone we are using as coping with this beautiful fiberglass pool installation. Natural stone is a popular choice, but we can also make your backyard dream possible with man made products from Unilock.

Stone Patios

In this video Mike is highlighting the all natural Travertine stone patio we are building around this fiberglass swimming pool project. Natural high grade Travertine is very dense and has incredibly good wearability even in our northern Illinois climate. This project is using a French pattern which mixes different sizes of stone with stunning results.

Fiberglass Pool Installation Video

In this video we use a pontoon boat to tow our customers new fiberglass swimming pool to their backyard. There were too many obstacles with a traditional method so we improvised. This video was taken during swimming pool installation in Westlake Village, Winnebago, IL.

Interview with Tony Walton, President Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools

In this video Mike Peterson, owner of Sonco Pools and Spas, talks with the owner of Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools, Tony Walton. Tony discusses how impressed he is with the work Sonco Pools and Spas provides to its customers. Mike and Tony sit and discuss fiberglass pools inside of one of the most popular styles of fiberglass pools, the Whitsunday.