Pure Cube Indoor PU570

The Pure Cube PU570 Indoor Sauna is a stunning design that features a full glass door between the large window panels on the front wall. Revamp your exclusive indoor space with optional semi-privacy panels that still feature the double pane tempered glass with a fixed cedar grill on the outside. The Pure Cube PU570 Indoor Sauna is an oasis to wholeheartedly enjoy the end of your day with loved ones.


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Clear Western Red CedarWood

Sustainable Harvested Canadian Clear Western Red Cedar.

Affordable outdoor saunas for sale

Glass Sauna Door

10mm Bronze Tempered Glass Sauna Door.

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Stainless Steel Hinges

Stainless Steel door hinges with customized door handle.Sauna benches with angled backrests.

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2 Tier Benches

Fully Enclosed 2 tier bench design with rounded front corners and backrest.

Affordable indoor saunas for sale

Tempered Glass Windows

Double 5mm Bronze Tempered Glass Windows.



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