A harmonious blend of natural beauty, thoughtful design, and vibrant elements. Lose yourself in the delightful mix of color, fragrance, and visual appeal. Remember, a pretty landscape is a canvas for your imagination – a place where nature and creativity intertwine.

You’ve built your pool, and now it’s time to decorate. This project is an excellent example of how your landscape truly makes your pool uniquely you. Use flowers and wispy grasses to accentuate the area around your patio. Your worries dissolve as you become one with nature – a fleeting moment of bliss amid the blossoms.

Project Features

Pool Model : Barrier Reef Whitsunday 40 in Ocean Color

Hardscape : Unilock Patio and Vertical Elements

Water Feature : Hayward Sheer Descents

Fire Feature : Grand Effects Fire Bowls Feature and Unilock Tuscany Fireplace

Kitchen : Fire Magic Kitchen Accessories and Unilock Kitchen Island

Additional Features : Encore Pathway and Undercap Lights, Custom Pavilion