Swimming pool Chemical Usage Advice

If you want to keep your pool as clean and hygienic as possible, you will need to use pool cleaning chemicals on a regular basis. Depending on the size of your swimming pool you will need to use appropriate amounts of the right chemicals to keep your pool water clear and healthy.

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There are different types of pool chemicals and they can come in highly concentrated forms. Therefore, it will be necessary to handle any concentrated chemicals correctly, and with care, to prevent any unnecessary and costly accidents. Some pool chemicals can violently react with one another or other substances triggering the creation of dangerous fumes or corrosive damage.

To stop unnecessary risks, here are some easy-to-follow swimming pool chemical usage tips tp consider.

Look at The Expiration Date

Before using any swimming pool chemicals, it is essential that you begin by checking the expiration date. Any expired pool chemicals should not be used. For safety purposes, it is recommended that you only purchase swimming pool chemicals that you can use fully use before their expiration date.

Look Over and Follow the Directions

Swimming pool chemicals require careful handling. One of the best ways you can confirm that you’re using pool chemicals the right way is to start by reviewing the directions of use. These should be readily available on the label of the chemical’s container. If you find that the instructions provided are not clear, don’t hesitate to ask the seller or retailer for assistance.

As a general rule – you should never handle swimming pool cleaning chemicals without having clearly understood the instructions for use.

Never Mix Swimming Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals should never be blended at the same time. As previously mentioned, pool chemicals are highly concentrated and reactive. Blending them at the same time can have devastating effects. If you have preexisting chemicals, you should not combine them with new chemicals, even if they are of the same kind.

Never Add Water to the Chemicals

Swimming pool chemicals are designed to be used on larger bodies of water. With that in mind, they should be added to water, and not the other way around. Adding water to the chemicals results in a highly concentrated solution that is also highly reactive.

Use the Right Gear

When using pool cleaning chemicals, it is necessary that you only use the stated handling equipment. Be sure to only use the appropriate swimming pool cleaners and scooping cups among other tools. This way, you can be sure that the chemicals will not react with the equipment prompting unnecessary accidents or corrosion.

Avoid Spilling Pool Chemicals

Concentrated/undiluted pool chemicals should never be spilled on the ground. In addition to the fact that they are highly reactive in this state, pool chemicals can also contaminate the soil and ground water when spilled on the ground. It is up to you the swimming pool owner to avoid such occurrences.


Using swimming pool chemicals improperly can have harmful effects. For starters, these concentrated chemicals can produce dangerous fumes or react with one another or other surfaces violently. Spilled pool chemicals can also pollute the environment. However, with the above pool chemical usage tips in mind, and with experience you will be able to prevent such risks and keep your pool cleaner and healthier for the benefit of those enjoying the water.