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Hot tub and spa sales Serenade hot tub


Seats : 2 – 3

Dimensions : 83″ x 66″ x 30″

Jets : 18

Inside this cozy spa lies a powerful hydrotherapy machine. It comfortably seats three and features semi-contoured, multi-level seating next to the head-to-toe therapy of the UltraLounge™ complete with a patented Jet Therapy Pillow™ to target aching shoulder muscles. Let the Serenade™ lull you into a state of peace every evening.


Seating Capacity: 2-3

Dimensions: 83″ x 66″ x 30″

Number of Jets: 18

Bluetooth Stereo System: Optional

UltraLife™: Standard

Jet Therapy Pillow™:

Tactile Therapy: Standard

LED Control: Standard

CrystalFX™ lighting: Optional

100% Foam Insulation: Standard

Terracina Skirting: Optional

ClearZone® PRO:

Weight Dry: 460 lbs (209 kg)

Weight Wet: 2042 lbs (926 kg)

Water Capacity: 190 Gallons (719 Liters)

Electrical North America/Asia: 60 HZ: 240V, 40/30 or convertible to 120V

Pumps North America/Asia: 60 HZ : 1 x 3.0/(1.5) HP 2- Speed Pump, 1 x Circulation Pump (Optional)