Pool Ninja Pros swimming pool chemicals, exclusively at Sonco Pools and Spas, Inc.

If you want to keep your pool as clean and hygienic as possible, you will need to use pool cleaning chemicals on a regular basis. Depending on the size of your swimming pool you will need to use appropriate amounts of the right chemicals to keep your pool water clear and healthy.


Sonco Pools and Spas, Inc is proud to announce that their retail store, located in the greater Rockford, IL region, is the first retail location in the United States to carry Pool Ninja Pros, a new line of swimming pool chemicals. “We are excited to introduce Pool Ninja Pros chemicals to the Stateline region,” commented the company’s President, Michael Peterson.

The new line of Pool Ninja Pros chemicals offers a complete line of products to help keep a swimming pool healthy and clean. The Sonco Pools and Spas, Inc retail store offers standard products like chlorine, shock, pH up and pH down as well as a variety of pool chemicals for specialty needs, like a scum line remover. Sonco Pools will also be the first company to offer VIBRANZ, a specific chemical formulation designed for fiberglass swimming pools.

There are two ways the company will offer Pool Ninja Pros chemicals to its customers. Through the retail and online stores. The retail store will remain open and continue to operate under COVID-19 responsible protocols for traditional foot traffic. Customers can also visit the recently published, new website and purchase their Pool Ninja Pros chemicals online. Once they make an ecommerce purchase that order will be ready for instore pickup or for home delivery through the Pool Ninja Pros home delivery option.

As part of their new chemical line announcement the company will also begin offering home delivery service for local pool owners in the Rockford region who need their pool chemicals delivered the same day. “Before you know it, that summer party sneaks up on you and your pool isn’t ready. Every pool owner has experienced this. Not anymore, our Pool Ninja Pros team can help you get that pool into shape and ready! This is a unique service and a first of its kind in the Stateline, so we are excited to launch this service starting this 2021 pool season,” Mr. Peterson went on to state.

Another first for the Greater Rockford region, the Company will offer on-premises Water Wellness Checks. These Water Wellness Checks are a health checkup for a pool’s water. The service includes testing the pools water and treating the water with Pool Ninja Pros chemicals. Unlike traditional pool cleaning services, the new Water Wellness Checks are meant to help pool owners with their pool water chemistry. For more information on the full line of services Sonco Pools and Spas, Inc offers, please visit their website.