At Sonco Pools and Spas we offer only the best products and services to our customers. And this includes carrying the HotSpring product lines manufactured by Watkins Manufacturing. The Watkins spa brands are high-quality, innovative and the world’s number one selling brand. Watkins Manufacturing has manufactured more than one million hot tubs since its inception in 1977. Watkins spas are designed and built to provide exceptional hydromassage for relaxation and enjoyment, either alone or to share with family and friends.

Below you will find personal stories of how HotSpring spas can provide pure comfort, performance and style.



Rebecca’s Story

In this video we learn about Rebecca Nelson’s story. She was diagnosed with MS and she didn’t know if she could leave the hospital because she was in so much pain. The doctor told her she needed to do something about the stress.

So, to help her combat the stress and continual pain she purchased a HotSpring spa. Once she started using her hot tub she noticed immediate pain and stress relief as well as a return to a good nights sleep. Rebecca swears by her spa and recommends HotSpring as her choice of Spa manufacturers.


Ed Robinson’s Story

In this video we learn about Ed Robinson’s story. This is a story of a military vet injured in Iraq. During his time he suffered injuries to his left knee and lower back, which stopped him from enjoying the physical activities he used to pursue. Ed use to love running, biking and playing with his son everyday, but his injuries have since left him unable to enjoy those moments.